Line Array Package (2000+ Audience)

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It has soft cushions that fit over the ear, an adjustable headband that distributes weight evenly, and lightweight construction. The cushions are made of breathable material to prevent overheating and sweat, and the headband is flexible enough to accommodate different head sizes. The headphone is also designed to provide a secure and snug fit, so it doesn't slip off or move around during use. All of these features together create a comfortable headphone experience for long listening sessions.

Offers a clear, balanced, and detailed audio experience with good bass, treble, and mid-range response. The sound is dynamic and immersive, with accurate representation of the music and minimal distortion. Additionally, the headphone is able to produce a wide soundstage, creating the illusion of a live performance. The superior sound quality is consistent across all frequencies, with a smooth transition between the different frequencies. It also remains consistent even at high volumes. All of these factors combined create a superior audio experience for the listener.

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